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MJ Drilling is an SA based remote region Drilling and Mineral Exploration company. We provide highly experienced personnel with a solid safety culture, long term thinking and integrity, backed up by reliable, well-maintained rigs and support equipment.

Diamond Core

Diamond Core

Prior to diamond drilling, mining was still primarily dependent on finding outcrops of rock, with little information about ore concentrations below the surface. Diamond drilling allows the removal of solid cylinders of rock (core) from deep within the earth.

RC Drilling

RC Drilling

The advantage of RC drilling is that it produces large quantities of high quality, reliable samples free of cross-contamination, so that mineral deposits can be located more precisely. It is slower, but achieves better penetration than other types of drilling.



Rotary mud drilling is a popular and dependable extraction method. The weight, viscosity and filtration control of the mud during the drilling process keeps particles from floating around and cools the drill bit as it bores deep underground.


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Mining Health, Safety & Environment

Health & Safety

The health and safety of our employees is our highest priority. An unsafe work environment will quickly lead to complacency, and an incident will shortly ensue.

Mineral Exploration RC Drilling Rigs

Rigs / Specifications

The MJ Drilling fleet has grown rapidly since acquiring our first UDR 1000 from Boart Longyear, we now have 4 rigs, a range of support vehicles and remote accommodation.

Drilling Rig Maintenance South Australia

Equipment Maintenance

Our equipment is always serviced in accordance with manufacturers specifications, we take great pride in the mechanical reliability of our rigs and support vehicles.